"Bison" is currently in training toward hunt tests and turned two years old August 2019. He attained his first AKC Trick Dog title with his 11-year-old junior handler May 2019. He has his Canine Good Citizen certification as well. He trains in 4-H in rally, obedience, agility and show.

Bison passed his cardiac and eye OFA certifications. He has Good OFA hips and Normal elbows. Bison has also had an extensive genetic panel, including Ichthyosis, PRA-prcd, PRA1, PRA2, DM, MD, DEB, OI, SAN and NCL. He is Clear of all.

Bison is son to our own Scout (Floden's Scout of Honor) and Bella (Beck's Princess Belle of Floden). Bison's grandparents are T-Rex (Rippling Run Floden's Teutorix), Firesides Crossfire Shooter, FTCH AFTCH Heads Up Tracks in the Taiga MH QA2 WCX *** OS Can WCI JFTR QFTR "Trek", and Topbrass Lightnin Strikes Gold *** OD.

We love Bison's temperament. He is friendly to all. Bison has excellent temperament with our children, livestock and other pets. He's social and loves to play with other dogs, but especially loves people. This guy is always by our side. His connection and energy are wonderful. He is birdy, loves to retrieve and learn new tricks! He has flown through force-fetch training and after introducing him to a little dove, duck and pheasant hunting, we are excited for spring to start so he can continue training through 4-H with our kids in obedience, rally & show, and also toward hunt testing with Lauren & Tim Springer of Dynamic Retrievers.

We have screened Bison for Ichthyosis, PRA-prcd, PRA1, PRA2, DM, MD, OI, SAN, DEB, DMD, NCL and other genetic tests. He has been Clear of everything, either by testing or by parentage (or both).

He has a wavy coat, and carries the genes for both straight and curly coat types. He has nice, black pigmentation. As of May 2019, he stood at 22" at the withers. He still has a little more growing time, so we'll see how large he actually gets. The only thing I don't like about him is his tail. He had a nice, straight tail as a pup, but I believe it now kinks at the end due to accidentally stepping on it as a pup.

Bison's pedigree is available on k9data.com and many of his health clearances are updated on OFA.org. We will update his OFA health clearances (hips, elbows & heart) as we get the results from OFA.

Total stud fee: $1200 ($100 non-refundable deposit at time of breeding goes toward the total stud fee)


CONTACT US ABOUT BISON OR SCOUT FOR YOUR STUD NEEDS. We ask for your female's full AKC registration name to research pedigree/COI and see if how she may pair up with either of our golden retriever males.