Puppy Pricing Information

Please read through our pricing, shipping considerations, and general information prior to placing an application and deposit. (When you're ready, just scroll almost all the way down this page for our Puppy Questionnaire.)


Our puppy pricing typically starts at $2,800 or higher for a test breeding on Limited AKC Registration*. Dams or sires with titles, pedigree of generations of health tested dogs, genetic clearances, titled dogs, repeat breedings of successful prior litters and so forth may adjust the price upward. Our dogs are carefully selected for breeding, and with the time, care and emphasis on breeding healthy puppies that all comes at a price to us. Not every dog we select with breeding intentions actually makes the "health cut" to breed.

Guardian Home Option

That said, we occasionally seek a guardian home for a pup out of a litter at a given time, in order for them to live a life with a good family for attention and individual focus. Not every puppy will become a breeding dog, and so we will discount the pup's purchase price for this type of arrangement in order to have that potential. If you may be interested in this type of arrangement, please indicate that below on our puppy questionnaire. Puppies in guardian homes are required to be kept in-tact until the age of three years and live within the state of Minnesota for three years, so that litter or stud arrangements may be made. We will decide whether to breed a pup after final hip x-rays are rated through OFA, typically about 25 months of age. If passing clearances, females would return to us, the breeder, to produce a litter within a week of due date, and then return to the guardian home when pups are 8 weeks of age. Males would be collected for potential artificial insemination or required for breedings until the age of 3 years. We primarily work with Inver Grove Heights Veterinary Clinic for semen collection and freezing. We are kept on as co-owner on the AKC registration paperwork, however the pup would be completely yours to keep after three years. People interested in showing, performance, hunt tests or working with their dog in a venue are given preferential treatment for this type of arrangement. Because us, the breeder, would provide our time to do OFA clearances and pay for them (hips, elbows, eyes and cardiac), we would need the pup to live for at least the three years close to the twin cities area, or between Wendell MN and the twin cities, where we could pick the pup up on the way for breeding-related care. The guardian home would be responsible for providing a quality food and general veterinary care and vaccinations, and raising the pup to be well-mannered such as working with the pup in obedience classes. Preference to those planning to train their pup and work toward a title(s) is given. (Breeding expenses provided by us, the breeder.)

Full AKC Registration* may be available to serious hobby breeders who intend to title their pup in a venue, attain the core OFA health certifications and register all of their litters through AKC or AKC-recognized registry. Selecting Full AKC Registration will move buyers up the ranks of puppy selection, with preference given to homes intending to produce titles in an AKC venue with their puppy. We strive to give those seeking Full AKC Registration the most selection when it comes to carrier/clear statuses for genetics testing, and the additional fee associated with Full AKC Registration helps pay for testing of the litter.

We are not shipping our pups internationally at this time due to Covid. We may perform additional genetics testing on pups going to Full AKC Registration households. We offer payment by check, credit, or through PayPal or Venmo. We can also accept non-refundable deposits through GoodDog Payments. We also accept payment by good check (allow up to two weeks' time for clearing prior to picking up your pup), or cash at pick-up.

Included in AKC Full Registration or Limited Registration

Pups from many of our litters may have genetic testing to check between clear and carrier status (dependent upon someone seeking Full AKC registration). AKC individual registration (Limited or Full), first vaccinations & vet checks, and microchipping is provided.

Dewclaw Information

We have began not removing dewclaws as one of our newborn pups passed shortly after losing too much blood during a removal. For years we debated whether to keep or remove. While a dewclaw accidentally ripped off as an adult is not a good sight, the death of this newborn pup led me to do more research. So long as the dewclaws are not floppy and are trimmed back with the rest of the nails, there generally isn't an issue with keeping dewclaws intact. Our current field hunting goldens have not had issues with keeping dews intact. Recent studies have shown the removal of dewclaws to be linked with carpal arthritis as this condition is much more common in dogs that have had their front dewclaws removed. Articles have suggested dewclaws have the important function of reducing the torque that is applied to the front legs, especially when dogs are turning at a canter (the main gait used in agility). Having dewclaws intact has even saved dogs from drowning as they were able to pull themselves out of the water on ice. So, unless we see a pup with a floppy dewclaw that could cause an issue in the future or new research comes out telling us otherwise, we have postponed removing dewclaws.

Kindergarten Pups

We occasionally raise golden retriever Kindergarten pups, possessing extra training and socialization. Pricing for these pups start at the puppy price and continues to increase weekly at $140 / week as this is a started pup in training. Please inquire about future Kindergarten pups and your ideal time to receive a pup by completing the questionnaire toward the bottom of this page. If you would like to pick your pup up after they reach 8 weeks of age, we can discuss whether it is possible for us to hold your pup at this rate. (Please note that the base puppy price must be paid by the time the pup reaches 8 weeks of age.)

2023 Puppy Pricing

The 2023 puppy pricing will vary upon health history, titles in pedigree, and whether it is a repeat (offspring proven trainability/temperament) or first-time breeding. We offer a price difference between Limited AKC Registration* and range up to $4,000 for Full AKC Registration*. The pricing reflects the increasing costs associated with health testing parents, and generally that is also often reflected in using good, health tested stud dogs. Some litters may be sold only on Full AKC Registration. If you applied in previous years and are on our accepted wait list, the pricing listed at that time will be honored, unless a suitable pup of their gender selected was offered from a previous litter and then refused by the buyer. (This allows the buyer who wasn't able to receive a pup from a previous litter due to not enough pups being whelped to carry forward their deposit and the price does not increase in the subsequent litter to them.)

**The total price, not including shipping/handling costs, are taxable. The deposit tax will be added to the final billing as deposits do not need to be taxed prior to the litter whelping, due to the potential for refund if no pups are produced. This also allows time to determine the state sales tax location, if pick-up is in Minnesota or shipping to a different state. (Minnesota sales tax for picking up at our location is 6.88% as of 2022.)

The remaining amount of the purchase price (including applicable sales tax), less any deposit made, is due at the time of pick-up or the pup's age of eight weeks, unless other arrangements are agreed upon in advance. The remaining amount for puppies that will be shipped is due by the pup's age of six (6) weeks in order for Floden Farm to make travel arrangements, purchase crate if necessary, and schedule vet travel certification for those pups that will fly.

We accept credit, debit or check payments via Paypal's secure site, or payment by check. If paying check by regular mail, we need time for the check to clear. Cash is also acceptable at pick-up. We will provide you a bill of sale/receipt.

*AKC Registration Types:

*Full AKC Registration includes the potential for breeding rights and the potential for showing in conformation events.

*Limited AKC Registration does not allow offspring to be registered through AKC, nor can dogs participate in conformation events. Spaying or neutering is not required, however any offspring produced are not AKC registerable unless the difference in price is paid to change to Full AKC Registration.

Both types of AKC registration allow dogs to participate in AKC venues such as hunt testing, field trialing, agility, obedience, and others.

Shipping Options

While we prefer families to visit and pick-out their pup in person, we understand distance can be a challenge.

Cargo Shipping Option

(dependent upon airline regulations at this time)

A couple of our own goldens were flown to us from each coast without issue. Our optional shipping flat rate to the continental US and Alaska is $600*** for temperature-controlled cargo shipping, which includes:

  • coordination and payment of airline controlled temperature cargo shipping
  • airline approved crate that's yours to keep
  • additional crate acclimation training for flying
  • our transportation to and from the airport
  • additional airline veterinary clearance check-up and paperwork

Pups must be at least 8 weeks old in order to be flown. We prefer scheduling direct flights out of MSP or FAR airports and will work with the airline to avoid additional flight legs if possible.

Chicago, Illinois, Austin and Houston, Texas, and Denver, Colorado are often major airline hubs we are able to fly direct to. We will discuss time and dates with you and make all of the arrangements for you to pick up your pup in your nearby airport or cargo facility if shipping by air cargo. Pups are worked with to acclimate to crates and noise desensitized by playing airplane noises prior to flying to help them adjust as well as possible. We also play nature sounds, gun fire noise (at lower levels), thunderstorms, baby crying, various vehicles, and so on.

Shipping fees are non-refundable and must be paid before the puppy's sixth week of age in order for Floden Farm to have adequate time to make shipping arrangements.

- At present, there are some air cargo shipping restrictions with various airlines that began due to COVID-19. - Many airlines also have temperature restrictions in summer and winter. We are finding that the airlines are gradually lifting some travel restrictions for live animals, and we will work with you to schedule delivery as circumstances change. We are hopeful the situation will be easier for live animal travel once pups are ready to go to homes. Should airline shipping be unavailable for your location, we will work with animal ground transportation specializing in live animal transport to deliver your pup to you. Should ground transportation companies be unavailable, we will deliver your pup in-person or by puppy nanny (there may be an additional charge for this and will be based on our costs incurred). Please note that shipping times may be beyond 8 weeks of age due to coordination with travel providers. We will make every effort possible to deliver your pup as soon as possible from 8 weeks of age. And of course, you are also welcome to fly or drive to our location for your pup.

In-Cabin by Air Shipping Option

***Due to Covid restrictions at present, your pup may need to fly in-cabin. Pups fly one-way for generally around $125 (plus taxes, airline fees and the cost of your flight). We encourage our clients to fly either into FAR or MSP airports, rent a vehicle and pick up your pup from there. Due to scheduling of flights, a hotel stay may be needed. If shipping this option, you would need to make flight arrangements for your pup and we would not have a shipping charge for you other than the flight certification from our veterinarian ($85) in order to fly.*** Please call and check with your desired airline to ensure pups can fly out at 8 weeks of age. Some airlines are requiring as old as 10-16 weeks, which often makes it impossible for a golden retriever pup to fit in a sherpa bag in cabin. We recommend you purchase the largest soft-sided sherpa bag you can find, a leash and small flat collar (our puppy collars are break-away for safety), and bring extra paper towels/wipes and a few puppy diapers for your flight home. A collapsible water dish is also very handy. We will provide you with a "mom scented" blankie, small bag of food and toy or chew for your puppy.

The additional flight certificate/exam fee is non-refundable and must be paid before the puppy's sixth week of age in order for Floden Farm to have adequate time to make shipping arrangements if you would like to transport your puppy home by plane.

In-Cabin by Breeder or Puppy Nanny Shipping Option

***For an additional fee other than our standard air cargo shipping option, a family member or close friend of ours could also serve as a flight nanny. A crate would not be provided with this option as we can reuse the sherpa bag for in-cabin flights. Please inquire more about this option and we can calculate the estimated cost for puppy's flight fee, veterinary travel certification, round trip travel of the nanny, nanny fee, and overnight stay (if needed) for our flight nanny. We are finding expenses for this option to be approximately $800, depending upon location and whether other pups may be able to travel with each puppy nanny (an adult is required for each puppy being transported) to the same location, thus saving hotel expenses and transportation costs when an overnight stay is required.***

Shipping fees are non-refundable and must be paid before the puppy's sixth week of age in order for Floden Farm to have adequate time to make shipping arrangements for your puppy's delivery.

Puppy Deposits

A $500 non-refundable deposit fee is required to reserve a pup and add you to the order of selection. Credit, debit, Venmo, or check payments accepted via Paypal's secure site. As a member of the GoodDog breeder program, we can also accept payment through GoodDog. There is a fee to the buyer through GoodDog, however it offers both client and breeder protections. Deposits are refundable only in the case there are not enough pups produced or if the breeder deems the last pup available is not a suitable fit for temperament or other reasons, such as a health issue with the pup.

If you state you are willing to accept a pup of the opposite gender, your deposit will only be refunded if there are not enough pups produced of either gender to satisfy our commitment. This is because your name is placed on each gender wait list in the order of deposits received and provides you with more option when it comes to selection based on temperament and other factors.

You may get on our waiting list for current or future litters by placing a non-refundable deposit fee and completing the Questionnaire by scrolling further down this page. Please review our 4-year health warranty and paybacks page prior to committing.

Alternatively, the non-refundable deposit fee of $500 may be mailed to:

Floden Farm

27736 County Road 1 E

Wendell MN 56590-9709

We recommend you email or call/message us at 218.770.7071 to ensure we are keeping an eye out in the mail.

Once making your deposit fee, please complete the questionnaire below and Floden Farm will email you once your application is approved, and any questions you have will be answered.

We require a non-refundable deposit fee due to prior non-commitments in order to reduce our time accepting applications to serious inquiries. Should a buyer choose to cancel, the non-refundable deposit fee is applied to future advertising, food, care, vet and training costs/time while we attempt to rehome a pup, as well as to the processing fees on the breeder's end incurred for these types of transactions.


Contact us today with any questions about this questionnaire. All responses are confidential. Please be certain to review our puppy pricing page prior to submitting this questionnaire.

If nothing happens when clicking the "submit" button, you may have missed completing one of the *required questions. If you still have difficulty submitting the questionnaire, contact us at 218-770-7071.