Puppy Pricing Information

Enter your email below to request an invoice to be sent toward a nonrefundable deposit on a Floden Farm golden retriever puppy.

Puppy Price

Puppies at this time from our Bingley x Roxy litter range from $2,300 (Limited AKC Registration) to $3,100 (Full AKC Registration)*. The total price, not including shipping/handling costs are taxable. The deposit tax will be added to the final billing as deposits do not need to be taxed prior to the litter whelping, due to the potential for refund if no pups are produced. This also allows time to determine the state sales tax location, if pick-up is in Minnesota or shipping to a different state. (Minnesota sales tax for picking up at our location is 6.875% as of 2019.)

The remaining amount of the purchase price (including applicable sales tax) after making the initial puppy deposit is due at the time of pick-up or the pup's age of eight weeks, unless other arrangements are agreed upon in advance. The remaining amount for puppies that will be shipped is due by the pup's age of six weeks in order for Floden Farm to make shipping arrangements.

We accept credit, debit or check payments via Paypal's secure site, or payment by check.

*AKC Registration Types: Full AKC Registration includes the potential for breeding rights and the potential for showing in conformation events. Limited AKC Registration does not allow offspring to be registered through AKC, nor can dogs participate in conformation events.

Shipping Option

While we prefer families to visit and pick-out their pup in person, we understand distance can be a challenge. A couple of our own goldens were flown to us from each coast without issue. Our optional shipping flat rate to the continental US and Alaska is $500, which includes:

  • coordination and payment of airline controlled temperature cargo shipping
  • airline approved crate and additional crate acclimation training for flying
  • our transportation to and from the airport
  • additional airline veterinary clearance check-up and paperwork

Pups must be at least 8 weeks old in order to be flown. We prefer scheduling direct flights out of MSP or FAR airports and will work with the airline to avoid additional flight legs if possible. Chicago, Illinois, Austin and Houston, Texas, and Denver, Colorado are often major airline hubs we are able to fly direct to.

Shipping fees are non-refundable and must be paid before the puppy's sixth week of age in order for Floden Farm to have adequate time to make shipping arrangements.


A $500 deposit is required to reserve a pup and add you to the order of selection. Credit, debit, or check payments accepted via Paypal's secure site. We offer this payment option for convenience.

Alternatively, the deposit payment of $500 may be mailed to:

Floden Farm

27736 County Road 1 E

Wendell MN 56590-9709

We recommend you email or call us at 218.770.7071 to ensure we are keeping an eye out in the mail.

Complete the questionnaire below and Floden Farm will email you an invoice for the deposit amount once approved and any questions you have are answered. You can print off the invoice and mail with a check if you prefer mail over online payment.


Contact us today with any questions about this questionnaire. All responses are confidential.